Make moving date fun, make it an exercise!

How to turn moving into an exercise

It is very likely that one of the items on your bucket list for the year is to get more exercise. But if you are anything like the rest of us, you probably worked out for a few days and stopped doing it altogether after a while. Truth is, getting enough exercise is hard work. However, one simple trick to that will ensure that your body gets as much physical activity as it needs is to turn your daily chores into an exercise. And there is no other day filled with chores like moving day.

If you are planning to move to a new home you can take the opportunity to work out a little. Some people simply hire moving help to do all the hard stuff, but you can benefit a lot from these activities.

Cleaning: a lot of cleaning goes down when during a move and you can use that to your advantage. Here are some simple activities you can do while cleaning your new home before moving in.

  • Scrubbing the floors: get down on your knees or do some deep squats while you reach out to the corners of with a scrubbing brush. Sure a mop is good but you can burn even more calories by scrubbing the floor by hand.
  • Vacuuming: using a vacuum cleaner doesn’t sound like so much, but you can’t put some work into it. Try to squeeze your buttock and abdominal muscles while you reach out with the vacuum extension. Experts say you can burn up to 80 calories by vacuuming alone.
  • Washing the windows: when the last time you stretched your hands above your head? It’s probably a long time ago, you can do just that by washing the windows in your new home inside and out. Its great exercise for your shoulders. Doing this for at least 30 minutes lets you burn up to 150 calories

Painting: if you know a little bit about painting, (You can learn it too. It’s not that difficult) you can paint your room yourself. This is another small but impressive way to exercise your body when moving into your new home. It’s not easy to keep your hands up all day, but you get to burn 177 calories in 30 minutes.

Carrying furniture: most people just hire a mover to get the furniture out. There’s nothing wrong in getting a little help especially with the very heavy stuff, but you can join the professionals in their work as well. Its good exercise for your arms. Bend your knees and straighten your back like you would do if you were weightlifting each time you carry anything. Be careful not to strain your back though. You can ask for help lifting anything too heavy or simply let the professionals handle them.


Moving is serious work. But your body can benefit from the experience too. You can leverage the opportunity to get some exercise while you are at it. …