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3 Benefits of Eating Green

The protection of the body from the toxins is guaranteed through green food (that is rich in antioxidants). The harmful toxins in the body can be wiped out with the regular intake of green foods. The green pigment which is best as a body’s detoxifying agent is known as chlorophyll. And all the green vegetables and fruits contain this pigment. People who face bad breath problems should also eat green foods to stop getting embarrassed in front of others anymore. The veggies like broccoli contain more amount of chlorophyll. In short, the more amount of chlorophyll is available in the darker green vegetables. The three major benefits of eating green are being shared below:

A Stable and Health PH Level

The right amount of PH in the body is like a blessing for anyone. The body is alkalized through vegetables with the green shade. You can put on healthy weight and enough protection against diseases. It provides your body with several food nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The combination of raw green vegetables with cooked meat is ideal to stop the production of more fat in the body.

Low Bad Cholesterol

The leafy green veggies are ideal to fight with the harmful fats in the body. It decreases the amount of cholesterol in the body and considered as vital for all the body functions. The omega-3 fatty acids (i.e. kale and spinach) should be added to your meals at least twice or thrice a week. Try not to overcook the green vegetables to provide a large number of nutrients to the body. It will be great if you just sauté the spinach, kale or broccoli for getting more health benefits.

No Bacteria and Viruses

The use of raw green veggies also ensures to kill harmful viruses. Your immune system can also be protected with the regular use of these veggies. The essentials nutrients are added to these vegetables. These are the vitamin K, E, C, B, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The bowl of green salad must be added to your diet. Try to take this salad in the lunch for proper digestion and more effective results. The use of green raw veggies is not so ideal at dinner time. The soup of green vegetables is also a healthy appetizer that gives numerous health advantages. The mashed avocados and green smoothies work like a magic to alleviate the deficiencies in your body.

Final Recommendations

The must-have green foods are pumpkin seeds, pistachios, mung beans, lentils, asparagus, lime, grapes, apples, avocado, and kiwifruit. Additionally, go for these vegetables i.e. bok choy, spinach, kale, broccoli, mint, fenugreek leaves, okra and many other etc. If you begin to eat these essential foods today, you’ll see great health benefits and prevention from plenty of diseases in the future. Even the use of fresh vegetable or fruit juices can turn your body healthy because of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Let’s make a resolution to eat green and turn your life better from today.

Learning Martial Arts for Self-Defense

It has been discussed and debated for years that which martial arts are best for self-defense. Nowadays, it has become necessary to teach every child the tricks of defending themselves. Unfortunately, it is not so common in the schools of many countries to conduct training courses of the martial arts. The only self-defense tool you are going to definitely have on you at all times is your own body. No matter which way you spin it. But this doesn’t mean that you try to attack someone in response to the mere argument. The only reason to learn martial arts for self-defense is to show others about your capabilities.

The martial arts have become a well-known part of many cultures through intramural sports, films and Olympic Games etc. You must know that the martial arts have different forms for the entertainments purpose and self-defense. When practiced by the devoted experts, it can’t be said that they don’t even combat or the martial arts forms are ineffective. Most of the people believe that martial art is the only solution of their protection in the worst-case scenario but those isn’t only your options. These are the popular forms of self-defense one must know for sure.


One of the solid styles of martial arts is Karate. You will be kicked harder once a trained karate expert hit you. But the major drawback of learning karate moves is to make you stronger enough for it. Hitting the bundle of blocks and the same sort of moves require a lot of stamina, powerful punches, and great fitness. Many of the people avoid going for this option just for the self-defense due to the same reason.


It is not so difficult as compared to other self-defending methods. The certain forms of boxing simply require the right use of fists. Once you punch anyone for defending yourself, he/she won’t be able to stand up at least for a few minutes. But make sure that you never use the highest form of hitting any person that may result in taking their life.


It is about learning to pink, choke, armlock and throws the opponent after learning the judo properly. But the experts of judo don’t find it the best choice for self-defense. The zero strikes and zero blocks are the reasons behind the less popularity of Judo. However, the single-minded approach to throwing people on the floor makes it ideal for self-defense. The entire learning process of judo is based on throwing the people on a concrete or the judo mat (that is definitely not simple to do). The people who do not actually want to be thrown are included in the judo training. You will be hitting the ground with a lot of force if a judo player gets their hands onto you.

These are a few popular ways of learning martial arts to let others know about your skills of self-defense. So, they would never think of teasing you.…

Your Mental Health Affects your Health and Overall Wellness

The fact that you’re supposed to meet a physician whenever you have any form of illness and meet a counselor when you’re experiencing mental or emotional distress doesn’t mean these two are completely unrelated. Poor mental health can not only affect your outcomes in life but reduce your life expectancy too. Of course, there’s a clear difference between the body and the mind. However, it’s important, just as mentioned, for physical health and mental health not to be considered separately since they go hand in hand.

According to the World Health organization, health is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and no merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Mental health has everything to do with a person’s psychological well-being and often includes how they feel about themselves and their ability to deal with difficulties and manage their feelings. It may also include the quality of an individual’s relationships. Your ability to maintain good physical health often depends on our mental/emotional health.

What’s the Connection Between Physical and Mental Health?

One thing you must understand is; you cannot consider yourself healthy without good mental health. The relationship between physical health and mental health is clearer when it comes to the area of depression and chronic illnesses. Furthermore, individuals with poor mental health often are more likely to make unhealthy decisions such as poor diet and lack of exercise.

Recent studies have revealed that depression increases the risk for chronic diseases like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and the heart disease. Mental conditions have also been associated with increased rates of deaths.

Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind

Maintain a Healthy, Regular Diet

A processed, high-calorie, and low nutrient diet is more likely to result in conditions such as obesity, depression, and anxiety. You want to maintain a healthy, regular diet as it will ensue your mental and physical health. To avoid unhealthy snacking, be sure to eat regularly and avoid skipping your meals. Your diet should include whole grains, low-fat foods, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Exercise Regularly

Incorporating regular exercise into your daily schedule will ease anxiety and depression, improve your mood, and improve your physical health. The most important thing is sticking to whatever fitness program or form of exercise you choose.

Get Support

One way to get support is visiting your doctor/mental health professional regularly for counseling or medical exams. This is crucial for anyone with a complicated condition or chronic illness that needs the help of a specialist. Besides seeing a health professional, you need to be willing to reach out to family and friends for support whenever necessary. Support from others will help you cope up with the recovery process.

Maintain a Healthy Sleep Routine

Getting enough rest is good for your mental and physical health. Failure to get enough sleep has been linked to fatigue, obesity, stress, depressive disorders, and anxiety. Sleep serves as nutrition for your brain. You need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day.  It’s recommended that you avoid looking at your phone or any LCD screens prior to bedtime. Alcohol, Caffeine, and nicotine may not be good for your sleep as well.